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All Track Manufacturers:

Don't see your machine brand or model number? Contact a SALES REPRESENTATIVE who will gladly help you find the rubber track that meets your needs.


Rubber Track Solutions provides high quality idlers, sprockets, and rollers for your machine undercarriage. The rubber track is only as good as the undercarriage it runs on. 90% of track failures are due to worn or broken undercarriage parts. Most undercarriage parts should be examined at the time of track replacement to make sure there is no costly premature track failure. Rubber Track Solutions provides multiple options for rubber or polyurethane pads for metal track grousers. Our OEM quality pads come in a wide variety of styles including bolt-to-chain, clip on, bolt-to-shoe, and mold-to-shoe styles. Depending on the severity of work you do, we can find the right pad for your needs.


Camso Undercarriage (Sprockets):

Camso Sprocket Image

Engineered to perfectly match Camso tracks, Camso sprockets are built tough in order to optimize track life and provide the lowest operating cost solution. Available in North America only.

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Rubber and Polyurethane PADS for Excavators:

Bridgestone Rubber and Polyurethane Pads:

Bridgestone manufactures and supplies rubber pads worldwide. Pads are individually vulcanized with internal steel plates or cores. Rubber pads are easily installed to the undercarriages of excavators and other construction machinery.

GEO Grip Rubber Pads:

Geo Grip Pads Image

Heavy duty rubber pads for excavators which fit directly onto link chains (no steel shoe required).

GEO Grip Rubber Pads:

Geo Rubber Pads Image

Rubber pads for steel tracked machines. Made from Bridgestone's own high durability rubber compound.

Superior Rubber Pads:

For half of a century, Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. has provided technical excellence to give our customers a competitive advantage. We design and manufacture all of our products in the USA at our state-of-the-art production facility. Including the industry’s first and only written 2,000 Hour Wear-Life Guarantee* on the Cushotrac® Ultimate™ Track Pads and No Bond Failure Guarantee* on our Xtreme Midrollers™

Cushotrac® Heavy Duty Rubber Pads:

Superior Rubber Pads Image

This trackpad is engineered for the toughest applications. Made with premium rubber or polyurethane compounds, it is designed to increase wear-life and traction in heavy duty applications. Available in lengths up to 40” to fit perfectly on any style grouser shoe and any type of equipment. •Available for any steel tracked machine. You name it, we’ll make it.

Cushotrac® Ultimate Rubber Pads:

Superior Rubber Pads Image

The only Trackpad with a 2,000 hour wear-life guarantee. With an extended 3,000 hour warranty also available. This rubber track pad has lower life cycle cost from proprietary polyurethane that provides the highest abrasion, cut & tear resistance. This rubber pad also provides more traction in all milling conditions. Steel on steel™Technology with critical design elements that eliminates loosening and premature pad failure as well as keeps bolts from spinning. No bond failure with the strongest chemical bonding technology in the market.

Cushotrac® Maxximum Rubber Pads:

Superior Rubber Pads Image

This track pad offers maximum durability and maximum versatility. This pad bolts directly to the steel chain link, which eliminates 50% of the hardware and the use of steel grouser shoes. The track pad comes with factory drilled bolt holes to fit any machine’s requirements. Available for all makes and models.

Cushotrac® Clamp-On Rubber Pads:

Superior Rubber Pads Image

This rubber pad offers easy installation and removal. Requires no track modification on triple bar grouser shoes, and available in 12”- 40” lengths. ALS™ mechanism on this product forces the dual clamps to continuously tighten, virtually eliminating track pad loosening and failure due to mechanical breakdown. This track pad is available in both rubber and polyurethane for all applications.

Keep your equipment running and your business on track with Rubber Track Solutions, serving most of the US, all of Mexico, and parts of Central and South America. Please feel free to contact our headquarters at (830) 609-9891 (New Braunfels, TX) today!
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